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Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Rangam and Hamnava staged drama 'Ajanabi' on 04.9.2017 in Patna

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   Woman in a chilly night
        Brief report of a stage drama

   In a chilly night, a man comes across a beautiful woman shivering in the cold weather. Out of compassion, this man wants to help her with the heat of stove whereas the woman is interested in something else.  She asks several questions to seduce him as what would he do if the fuel of the stove exhausts? How would he maintain the  warmth for her? She turns grumpy on the coldest of reply one can imagine as "I shall burn all of my piece of papers on which I have written my poems to provide you warmth". The woman is infuriated like anything. Actually she wanted the warmth of the body of the man in this cold weather which the man thought severely unethical. Directed by Raas Raz and acted by Sarbind Kumar, Binita Singh Gunjan Kumar, Raas Raz, Ujjwal Shrivastava and others this drama was a huge success.
        This drama was played in tribute to the noted journalist, editor and lyricist Anjani Kumar Vishal.

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