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Sunday, 29 September 2013

Bihari Husband - a Life Sketch

Bihari-panaa ...

 Bihari-panaa .

Let us first observe 2 minutes silence for we mourn that lately, our lovely Bihar has been ceding grounds on the matter of its 'Biharism' or to be more dialectical it's 'Biharipanaa'.

 But we still see Bihar as it was 20 years ago. Ya sure you might have heard, "ai meri zohre-zabin, tu abhi tak hai hasin aur mai jabaan, Tujhpe kurbaan meri jaan, meri jaan." O my lovely Bihar, we are still your aficionada just like we were couple of decades ago. Let us discuss scientifically the basic ingredients of Biharipana:

1. Biharis appear both for SP and Sepoy’s recruitment exams in the same go. Their belief is at least one will click.

2. Biharis like to drink tea even in scorching heat. Their belief is “Heat kills heat”. Putting it dialectically, “Garmi, garmi ko maarta hai.”

3. Every  Bihari claims that he has a great empire in his village and this is only a matter of convenience that he is living such a meager life in town.

4. Every Bihari will speak English while speaking Hindi but shall never speak English independently.

5. Every Bihari will claim that he has close connections with a big 'Dada' (Mafia-type personality). So nobody can touch him.

6.  Every Bihari claims or aspires to claim that he enjoys 'Rangdaari' within a particular territorial boundary (may be in a half Kms radius or so) and  nobody has guts to challenge him in this area. 

7. And last but not least, every Bihari is adept in boasting art. The local word for this art is ‘bhaanjnaa’. They speak like they are airing their sword in open sky. Means, whatever comes in their mind and whatever is yet to come to their mind, they claim that they have already done it or have seen that with their naked eyes. Lord Shankara had three eyes and Biharis have four eyes (without spectacles). Also, woman generally have sixth sense, Biharis have seventh sense also. 

8. Even a labourer and illeterate person in Bihar is well-aware about all of political manoevres practised at the top level by the politicians of India. And their specific hobby is to foretell who would be the Prime Minister and Cheif Minister of India and Bihar respectively. They can talk hours on this matter withuout a hiccup.

(……..to be continued on next date)

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Earthquake special

Earthquake special.
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Sunday, 22 September 2013

Some idiosyncrasies... (See- "Yeh Patna Hai")

We Bihari have many great features like-

1. We never tread on beaten track and always create one for ourselves. Some great person has said  "महाजनो येन गतः स पन्था" (Sanskrit) means "way adopted by great person is the true path". This is why we never walk on public track in parks. We, being the lover of greenery prefer beautiful grasses and plants to walk over.

2. While sitting for exams we bear in mind -