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Sunday, 26 July 2015

Chitrangada - a Dance drama staged at Rabindra Bhawan Patna on 26.7.2015

 (Picture gallery presented beneath the story)

Story - Lord Shiva blesses the king of Manipur for having only sons as his progeny. But a daughter took birth in his house named Chitrangada who was brought up as a son. She used to dress up in the attire of men. Soon, she became adept in archery and martial arts. Once she went for hunting in the jungle where she saw Arjuna of Mahabharata who was living in exile. Chitrangada who was in man’s attire, challenged him for fight. But Arjuna did not heed to her challenge. Next day, she came to Arjuna in the attire of a lady dancer for courtship with Arjuna but Arjuna again rebuffed her. Then she worships Kamadeva and got beauty as a boon from him. Now Arjuna gets enamoured by her charm. Then Chitrangada speaks out the whole truth and Arjuna is again impressed by her truthfulness. Both get married by garlanding the necks of each other.