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Wednesday, 2 August 2017

'Sikka', 'Chori' and Ghoos' staged by Kala Jagaran on 28.7.2017 in Patna

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Women besieged by the deadly corruption
(A report of drama by Hemant Das 'Him')
(इस समीक्षा को हिन्दी में पढने के लिए क्लिक कीजिए:  https://biharidhamaka.blogspot.in/2017/08/2872017.html

      Three stories by Mamta Mehrotra were staged by Kala Jagaran in Kalidas Rangalaya, Patna on 28.7.2017. All the three stories were shown in one go. 'Sikka' (coin) presented the distressful condition and agonies of a woman. The coin has no caste and no religion.  It belongs to him who possesses it and is itself free from the evils of casteism and communalism. The story 'Chori' presents a scene where a poor servant is being beaten ruthlessly by the owner of the shop because he has stolen Rs, 5000/= from his drawer. The master is not content only by beating the helpless guy, going further he calls police and the boy is locked up in the remand prison. All of his pleadings remain unheard that he is not a habitual thief but had to steal some money because his boss was not ready to give him advance for treatment of his mother who is in very serious condition.  The police officer and the shop-owner are delighted for  teaching a good lesson to theif. After some time, the news comes that the servant's mother is about to die for want of medicine. Then at the eleventh hour the shop-owner makes efforts in a hurry to free the boy from the lock-up though by then, the poor's mother had died. 

       In the play 'Ghoos' the nakedness of the corrupt system has been exposed. A minor girl is raped by the son of the village-head but police takes no action. To lodge her grievance, the girl goes to higher officer who happens to be a lady herself. The lady officer is genuinely interested in solving the problem of the minor girl and punishing the guilty ones. Though here comes the impermeability of the absolutely corrupt system from toe to head. The veins of the collapsed system allows only corruption to flow and no effort of delivering justice can succeed in this perverse system. The lady officer knows well that neither her superior nor her junior officers or staff will support her in the venture of doing justice with this innocent oppressed girl who has neither a godfather nor money to spend. Seeing the lady officer in dilemma the parents of the minor girl think that she wants money for passing an order in her favour. They offer a few hundred rupees to her. The lady officer is flabbergasted and wonders how these poor people are fully accustomed to bear the brunt of corruption at every level. The story ends here leaving the viewers to think what more problems the innocent helpless girl and her parents would have endured further.

     Eureka Kim, Aditi Singh, Sonu Raj, Tripti Kumari, Arvind Kumar, karishma Kumari, Akash, Gunjan Kumar, Mausami Bharti, Hare Krishna Singh, Munna, Chakrapani Pandey, Ranvijay Singh, Anupam, Abhishek Kumar etc. did justice with their respective characters. Dress was by Hira Lal Roy with Md. Saddan, Lighting was by Rajkumar Sharma, Sound system by Upendra Kumar. Music was by Nitesh and the Stage preparation was by Pradip Ganguli.  Suman Kumar directed the play. And the writer was Mamta Mehrotra, the daughter of Prem Nath Khanaa in memory of whom, Kala Jagran organised this three-day drama festival.
The author of this report is Hemant Das 'Him'
E-mail of the author of this article: hemantdas_2001@yahoo.com

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