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Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Bihar Art Theatre stages the play 'Kanchanrang' on 29.11.2017 in Patna ('कांचनरंग' का मंचन पटना में 29.11.2017 को सम्पन्न)

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Where sensitivity hinges on money
पैसों पर टिकी संवेदनशीलता
A  drama review in English and हिन्दी by  Hemant Das 'Him'

(हिन्दी में कथा सार अंग्रेजी टेक्स्ट के नीचे पढ़िये.)
Money is the only defining factor of human behaviour nowadays. . People nowadays just toggle between humanity and inhumanity as  per the availability of money in other person's hand. This message was  made vividly clear by the play 'Kanchanrang' directed by Arun Kumar Sinha and written by Shambhu Mitra & Amit Maitra.

A domestic help is treated very badly by their masters. Though the moment it is revealed that his lottery ticket is going to win the prize, all persons including the house owner, his wife, daughter and grown up children all begin to adore him and shower their affections in innumerable ways. And when it is known that the prize 's news was just  a hoax, the teenager servant is beaten and insulted. Giving a new turn to the situation the newspaper publishes the news that the earlier announcement was made erroneously and the true winner of the lottery is this. This number tallies with the servant's ticket and again all persons turn themselves very affectionate and respectful towards the servant. The teenager servant is bemused on this frequent toggling over the pro to anti-sensitiveness. and leaves the house.

The character of the servant symbolised the common man of today's society and all other characters represents the different components of the society. It is starkly obvious that behaviour of the society and relations nowadays is just a mathematical function of money in the hand of a subject. 

The comedy drama was directed by Arun Kumar Sinha.  He is marvelous actor as well. The set design truly presented a scene of middle class home with the curtain, sofa and wall all in different colours showing neither matching nor contrast. The servant presented best acting of an innocent, helpless but a mindful person. The goons like main renter also presented his unique and dashing piece of acting and got good help of his helper friend. Mother was able to show true concern about the marriage of her daughter and showed the typical behaviour of insensitivity towards the domestic help. All the other actors also did justice with their respective characters. Lightings, make up and costumes were up to the mark. The pace of play need to be enhanced for which more Still, the presentation was a huge success of the drama team. 
[हिंदी सार: नौकर के साथ सभी दुर्व्यवहार करते हैैं लेकिन उसके लॉट्री टिकट पर इनाम मिलने की जानकारी होने पर उस का मान होने लगता है यहाँ तक कि मालिक अपनी बेटी से उसकी शादी करने को  सोचता है. फिर जैसे ही पता चलता है कि इनाम का समाचार गलत था तो फिर दुर्व्यवहार  शुरू हो जाता है. फिर भूल सुधार के साथ नौकर के नम्बर को ही इनामी नबर घोषित किया जाता है डेढ़ लाख की राशि के लिए और पुन: परिवारवालों का रुख उसके प्रति कोमल हो जाता है. नौकर यह सब देख कर खीज जाता है और कहता है कि वह अपने इनाम की राशि किसी को नहीं देगा और घर छोड़कर चला जाता है.]
Review by - Hemant Das 'Him'
Photograph  by- Hemant 'Him'
Email- hemantdas_2001@yahoo.com

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