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Saturday, 18 November 2017

'Tat Niranjana' presented by Kislay, and Rang Mandal in Patno on 18.11.2017 / नाटक 'तट निरंजना' का मंचन

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Being crushed under the feet of his own Shadow
 A drama-review in English by Hemant Das 'Him'

(नोट: हिन्दी में कहानी का सारांश अंग्रेजी टेक्स्ट के नीचे पढिये)

Gautam Buddha is also a human being and even after reaching a state of  'Gyana' after years of severe penance, he comes to realise that he has still so much to learn  from the persons fully immersed in the delusions of love. Ichchhamati  who had got entry into the Bauddha Sangha when she came running after the love of her darling Nilalohit, does have desires befitting to a normal woman even after being initiated into Sangha. Nilalohit avoids all of her loving gestures though from within he is also repentant for the devotion of Ichchhamati. When, being charged for raising biting questions, Ichchhamati is ousted from the Sangha, Nilalohit is affected severely and asks Anand whether this morning would bring some greatness for him? Whether he has  turned into a Buddha after the removal of Ichchhamati? Knowing all this, Buddha is also perplexed. He feels that Ichchhamati is just like  Sujata who brought cuddle ('kheer') for him to the river Niranjana. The words reverberating in his ears are "how can one think of getting freed from the desires if one is not in contact with them. The true renouncement would be not to get indulged in them even after staying with them in all of their forms and manifestations. 

Gautam Buddha visits Kapilvastu on the invitation of royal family. He is moved by seeing tears in the eyes of his deserted wife Gopa and son Rahul. he has no answers to the pains suffered by them and of whom he himself is the only reason. He comes to the river Niranjana along with his most faithful disciple Anand and expresses his intention to go further breaking the rules and bondage of the Sangha formed by himself. But Anand warns him that now it is too late to come out of his own shadow which has acquired a size much bigger than himself. And it is his shadow and not his self who has created the Sangha the rules of which can not be broken even by himself. Buddha feels himself to be crushed under the feet of his own shadow the darkness of which has not only enveloped him but has also tied him up with fetters of his so -called greatness.

The original script of Vijay Mishra in Oriya and the Hindi translation by Rajendra Mishra were superb. The direction of Shivji Singh was also fine. Actors Shivji Singh (Lord Buddha), Laxman Ram (Anand), R. Narewndra (Sariputta), Nishant Kharwar (Nilohit), Ranjan Upadhyay, Pinki Singh. Moreover Rinky Choudhary, Pinky Singh, Rinky Choudhary, Sunil Kr. sharma, Anushka Roy etc. acted well in this play. The script was full of pithy dialogues and their more forceful delivery would have kept the audience seated. The dialogue delivery would become more forceful and lively from next shows, as we expect.

Raj Kapur, Gunjan and Ashok Ghosh were on light, music and make-up respectively and their jobs were satisfactory. Sunil K. Shrma on set and Niru Singh for dress had displayed their simple though workable skills.
. .....................................................
Writer of this review- Hemant Das 'Hm'
Photographs - Hemant 'Him'
Send your response to - hemantdas_2001@yahoo.com

कहानी का सारांश- इच्छामति अपने प्रेमी नीललोहित का पीछा करते करते बौद्ध संघ में प्रवेश ले लेती है. परंतु उसका मन अभी भी प्रेम की माया में रमा है. नीललोहित उसे टालता है. तीखे सवालों को पूछे जाने पर आनंद उसे संघ से बहिष्कृत कर देता है. नीललोहित उदास हो जाता है और पूछता है कि क्या अब वह भी बुद्ध बन गया है. यह सब जानकारी बुद्ध को होती है तो उन्हें भी सुजाता की याद आ जाती है. परिजनों द्वारा बुलाये जाने पर वो कपिलवस्तु जाते हैं किंतु अपनी बहिष्कृत पत्नी गोपा और पुत्र राहुल की आँखों में आँसू देख कर उद्विग्न हो उठते हैं. वे निरंजना नदी पर लौट कर अपने प्रिय शिष्य आनंद को कहते हैं कि उन्होंने ज्ञान प्राप्त कर लिया है किंतु उन्हें अब भी बहुत कुछ जानना बचा है. वे अपनी पहचान रूपी विराट छाया से निकल कर और समस्त बेड़ियाँ तोड़कर आगे निकलना चाहते हैं परंतु आनंद यह कह कर उन्हें रोक देता है कि अब उनकी छाया उनसे भी बड़ी हो गई है और उनके संघ का निर्माता उनकी छाया ही है जो उनके बाहर निकलते ही बिखर जाएगा.

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