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Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Birth centenary celebration of Dr. A. K. Sen in patna by 'Abhiyan' and ISCUF

Being Dr. A.K.Sen means honesty 
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      Patna, July 9 "I am a doctor." Whenever the voice of greed rings in my mind, the memory of Dr. AK Sen reminds me of the money which awakens me against every temptation. The work he did for the citizens and society of Bihar, is unparalleled. There is no instance of the creation of the institutions in such a large number as he created. We have to activate all those institutions in him memory that he created in his lifetime. " These words were spoken by Dr. Dr. Satyajit, a well-known doctor. While giving the presidential statement at the function organized on the topic 'The meaning of being an A.K. Sen' organized on the occasion of his birth centenary celebration. This program was  organized by the 'Indian Society for Cultural Unity and Friendship (ISCUF) and Abhiyan Sanskritik Manch in I.M.A. Auditorium, Gandhi maidan, Patna.

       "Dr. AK Sen was not a person rather an organization, he used to feel the pain of the patients as his grief, until there  had to be a space on the paper of prescription, he did not take the money again from the patients." The well-known Dr. S. N. Arya, Addressing Sen's birth centenary celebrations, While addressing the centenary celebration ceremony organized by ISCUF  in memory of Honorable Dr. AK Sen, Mr. Arya said that AK Sen was God for his patients. IMA chairman Sahajanand said, "Being A.K. Sen means that to do one’s practice honestly, he had a major role in the establishment of the IMA, while presiding over the program, Dr. Satyajit said that for his patients, AK Sen was a Godfather and so for his brothers, Dr. Sen used to talk about politics, literature and social issues. Dr. Satyajit said that Dr. Sen is like a young man like us. Dr. Sen helped to become a good doctor, along with Dr. Sen for organizing peace in the world. Former President of Patna College Prof. NK Chaudhary said that Dr. AK Sen had kept progressive people together and Naveen Chaudhary said that the life of Sen was the message for all of us. He always encouraged the youth.

       Dr. Ajay Kumar, Vice President, IMA said that I decided to join the Leftist ideology, impressed by Dr. Sen's personality. IMA will celebrate the centenary year of Dr. Sen this year and set a Millennium Development Goal on health, IMA will try to fulfill it.

       While addressing the centenary celebration of Dr. A. Sen's birth centenary, Dr. Rajiv Ranjan said that Sen was the Guru of our medical world. Today, when a person is identified by caste, then Dr. Sen is remembered who created an job-based society in opposition to caste and religion. He said that Dr. Sen was an angel who walked in human form, whose life was dedicated to the patients. Rajeev Ranjan said that He was totally different from we doctors for he was involved in the formation of institutions of life. Social activist Arvind Sen said that today, when the society is divided along castes and religions, Dr. Sen is remembered most as among those who put their lives in creating an equitable society. Addressing Dr. Sen's birth centenary celebration, the people’s poet Alok Dhanwa said that Dr. AK Sen used to participate in social activities ardently.  He took part in the floods in Munger and took relief material to victims. Rambabu said that he was a good Communist along with being a good doctor.

       Arun Kamal, a well-known poet of Hindi, said that being a Dr. Sen means that we should do our work honestly and integrity, and help others. Arun Kamal said that today there is a debt of the people of Bihar, but our society is forgetting their ancestors today. Abdul Mannan, ex-Close associate of Dr. A.K. Sen, gave light on the life of Dr. A. K. Sen. He was a doctor who always worshiped humanity and treated the patient honestly.

      Firstly, a book titled 'Maitri-Shanti' was released by Dr S.N. Arya, Dr. Satyajit, Dr. Ajay Kumar, Dr. Sahasandan, Dr. Rajiv Ranjan, Poet Alok Dhanwa, during the birth centenary ceremony organized by the Abhiyan Sanskritik Manch and the Indian Society for Cultural Unity and Freindship  Prof. NK Chaudhary, Dr. N.K. Singh and Ramesh ji were other speakers. This centennial celebration was also addressed by Prof. Vinay Kanth, Daisi Narayana, Rangakami Venu, Ramesh Kumar etc.

     Rupesh ji, Anil Kumar Rai, Ghalib Khan, Prabhat Sarasij, Akshay ji, actor Ramesh Kumar, Ravindra Kumar Rai were present at the birth centenary ceremony of Dr. AK Sen in IMA Hall, Gandhi Maidan, Patna. The program was conducted by Anish Ankur and blessed Harshavardhan Memorial Trust.
Original script in Hindi by: Anish Ankur
English translation by: Hemant Das 'Him'
Give your feedback on this report: hemantdas_2001@yahoo.com

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