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Wednesday, 12 July 2017

'Desi Murgi Vilayati Chaal' staged in Patna by 'Image' on 12.7.2017

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Smirching trap of attraction for girl
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    Premchand is not relevant today because the people say thus. In fact he is relevant even today because the problems he depicted some eighty-ninety years back are still existent in toto. The play by 'Image' The play 'Desi Murgi Vilayati Chaal' based on his story 'Vinod' raised the difficulties faced by a boy culturally sound but entrapped into the web of his misguided class fellows. The reason behind this was his unmitigated infatuation for a charming westernised girl in his class. The pals of Pandit Chakradhar (a student) notices the unusual soft feelings in the inner core of Chakradhar's heart and plan to get the most of it.They write fake love letters in the name of Lucy (girl classmate) praying Chakradhar for changing his conservative Indian get-up in favour of a westernised one. The erstwhile Sanskritised Chakradhar spends good amount to buy jacket and suit and throwing parties to friends. He also gets his top braid cut from head and take to smoking and drinking. Though he is surprised to see that the girl who writes such amatorial missives to him, is almost indifferent when comes across him in the class or elsewhere. Still, Chakradhar does not want to ponder much over these uncomfortable thoughts and thinks that Lucy loves her very much and this is why she sends frequent love letters to him. Ultimately he braces up himself and shows advancements towards Lucy while a party is on. Lucy is infuriated. When Chakradhar asks her why then she sent love letters to him, she says she never wrote such letters and threatens him to complain to the principal. 

      Now Chakradhar comes to senses and ask his friends why they played such a nasty prank with him. The friends are now remorseful as Chakradhar might be rusticated from the college if the girl makes a complain to the principal. They talk to Lucy but she is not relenting. Ultimately she asks for a fine of Rs. Five thousand or Sit-ups for fifty times. Chakradhar being a poor boy starts exercising sit-ups. Now the girl is humbled for her adamant behaviour and admonishes the boys who brought such embarrassments to herself and Chakradhar. The boys feel sorry of their mischief. 

      Direction and Concept of Shubro Bhattacharya were amazingly perfect. The way he showed the day-dreaming of Chakradhar in dramatised musical form with a big pink heart beaming on the background screen was effective. The classroom scene was also natural and effective. Hiralal Ray played the role of Chakradhar in superb manner. His pronunciations in Sanskritised accent, facial expressions, body language and modern dancing skills were excellent. He seems to be a rare breed of actors. Aditi Singh in the role of Lucy also showed her mettle in the role of a westernised proud girl. The boy who hatched the fooling plot, also acted remarkably well along with his team of college students.

   The characters of Professor, Postman, Munshi Premchand, opener-compere and others gave good performance in acting. Sushil Kr, Vivek Kr., Nishant Priyadarshi, Abhishek Arya, Shandilya Tiwari, Sadip Tiwari, Ranu Babu and Vijay Kr. did justice with their respective characters. Vivek Kumar's script was deftly adapted in nowadays context and it never turned out that this is based on a story written some ninety years back. Sudhanshu Shekhar's Sound-controls and Rajan Kr. Singh/ Jitu's Light management were faultless. Rohit Chandra, Gaurav, Nisha, Ravi, Samir and Abhishek Arya were talented musicians. Ramesh Singh's costumes and dresses were perfect. Bal Mukund, Santosh, Ranu and Aditi extended their valuable support to make this drama a grand success.
Review by: Hemant Das 'Him'
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