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Sunday, 22 October 2017

'Aakaar' staged the play'Ya Devi Sarv Bhuteshu' in Patna on 15.10.2017

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Woman can be Durga as well Kali depending upon circumstances
Is it only woman to blame if an illicit relationship comes in light? Of course, Gita was under relationship with Birju but in fact she was ignorant about the marital background of Birju. Her only fault was that she came into the false impression created by Birju about his so-called true love for her. When the affair of Gita with Birju was known to her brother and father, they were displeased and felt this as a slur on their image. They tried to convince her for abstaining from this immoral relationship. But Gita was almost inebriated in the love of Birju even though it was made clear to her that he was already married and was a father of two children. She went to a temple along with Birju and married him. Ultimately, village panchayat (judicial assembly) was called and to the utter surprise of Gita  it was not only Birju but also his first wife who insulted Gita in public. Not only this even the Sarpanch (Judicial authority) declared punishment only for Gita and didn't say even a single word against Birju because firstly Birju was male and secondly he had obliged all the village men with his money. Gita was ordered to live outside the border of the village. She followed suit though with an extreme ire inside. 

Then on an occasion of Durga Puja, she went with an aim to finish the culprits. Her look was very terrible like Kali. She reached the house of Birju and captured her and was just about to kill him when the first wife of Birju appeared and prayed for mercy citing the plight of innocent childen. As Gita was also a woman, she forgave Birju but after whipping him with very virulent kind of verbal blows. Then, she  reincarnated herself into the avatara of Durga casting aside the terrible form of Kali. She reprimanded Birju by declaring him weaker than women as he had to take the help of two women to protect himsef.

In this play staged in Premchand Rangshala, Patna on 15.10.2017 the direction of Ashutosh Kumar was remarkable. Music was by Raju Mishra who  played the role of Birju and on both fronts he was fully successful. The main character of Gita was lived by Saroj Priya and she paid full justice to her character. In the characters of Sutradhar (Anand Kumar & Mausami Singh)  and village headman (Uttam Kumar), artist did fine job. Gautam Gulal, Musir Reyaz, Sparsh Kumar, Urmila Yadav, Pushpendra Thakur, Anand Prakash, Ashvini etc. showed their skills well. The story of Mamta Mehrotra raised a big theame and certainly in a beautiful manner. The climax may need to be refurbished. There seemed to be some issues with lights. But as a whole the drama was a huge success and the packed hall clapped again and again with full enthusiams. 
Author of the review- Hemant Das 'Him'
Photographer- Hemant 'Him'
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