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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Yahudi Ki Ladki - Photos of stage drama

The Roman Crown Prince falls in love with a poor Yahudi girl. After spending considerable time together he rejects her on the ground of religion. Also, the prince engages with a Roman girl. The girl feel disheartened and conveys the act of betrayal to her father. Her father prays for justice in the Royal Court. A dancing diva is adorning the Court at that time. The piece of dance was really impressive. Anyway, the poor yahudi girl and her father put their grievances about the irresponsible act of the Crown Prince. The King and his court hate yahudis and the religious adviser suggests to be discriminate while administering justice to the subject. Notwithstanding all this and despite his obvious abhor for yahudis, the king gives the verdict in the favour of the yahudi and rules death sentence to the Crown Prince. The fiancee of the prince meets the yahudi girl 

The presentation of 'Yahudi Ki Ladki' reinforces the hope that stage performances can survive on their own. I am sure the show had been a commercial success too had it been ticketed. 


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