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Monday, 21 July 2014


  (Look at bottom for review)

FANDI – A REVIEW OF DRAMA by Hemant Das ‘Him’
Drama was played in Kalidas Rangalay, Patna on 21.07.2014 (Photos available on http://biharidhamaka.blogspot.in/ )
Shankar Shesh is an icon of Indian theatre because he knows that presentation of great themes does not require great stage set up or big number of cast. It was not less than a magic that only with three characters and simple stage properties of one table and two chairs, a host of contemporary mammoth themes were presented with perfection. The issues raised were justification of euthanasia, stark realty of poverty, humane concern about what your dear ones think about you, corruption etc.
Story – the main character is a truck driver by profession who gets salary of Rs. 200/= per month with of course some benignly illegal income like hiring passengers. His father is suffering from cancer of throat. The truck driver tries to get his father treated in all possible manners but ultimately he has to resort  to injection therapy on daily basis to him which is costly. The pain to his father is high and persistent. After fifteen days, when he is unable to arrange injection being administered to his father for want of money, his father beseeches to him either arrange injection or kill him. The truck driver unwillingly kills his father by throttling him just to relieve him from pain and his father embraces death smilingly.
Now the police catches the truck driver and a criminal proceeding for murder is launched against him. As he is unable to hire an advocate, the government arranges an advocate to him who tries his best to save him. The warden of jailer is corrupt as he asks money for every help like giving bidi or helping in rehearsal of court proceedings. But even after that,  the warden possesses a human heart and wants that the truck driver should be freed. But more importantly, the truck driver is not concerned about his probable conviction for murder and is very worried on the matter that his loving wife and dear son should not think about him that he is a guilty.
Ultimately it is proved that the truck driver killed his father knowingly. Poverty, being the root cause of killing was not considered. Even the good intention of relieving his father from persistent high pain  was not considered and he got death sentence. But the truck driver was happy that his wife and child came to the court  which was an evidence that he was not guilty in the eyes of his loving wife and son.
The drama reaches the acme of poignancy.  The actors acting as Truck Driver and Warden gave their amazing  performances. The Advocate also did justice to his role. This acting based drama had little scope for the director but her work was also well. Light and sound were OK and there were certain scope of improvement there.
[Note: You may suggest improvement in the text to hemantdas_2001@yahoo.com]

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