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Friday, 25 July 2014

Theme Analysis of Photo Exhibition at Patna on 25.07.2014

Theme Analysis of Photo Exhibition at Patna on 25.07.2014

 This old woman is like old tree. The sitting position is as if she were the root.

Photo 1 - by Mohan Prasad

Colour of freshness
Photo 2 - by Anil Kr. Singh

Just as the termite eats out the biggest trees from within so is corruption.
Photo 3 - by Anil Kr. Singh
Problems of life are intertwined innumerably.
Photo 4 by Anil Kr. Singh (2nd Prize)

Faith knows no boundary.
Photo 5 - by Ramesh Kumar (Ist Prize)

Respecting limits.
Photo 6 - by Vijay Kr. Jain (2nd Prize)

This tree is much more concerned about keeping its ground and so is unable to provide any shadow just like the politicians.

Photo 7
A majestic beauty requires support from several grounds.
Photo 8
Photo 9

Enlivening once again.
Photo 10

Photographer Ramesh Kumar (won Ist prize)

Ramesh Kumar told that he is a full-time photographer and is possessing several self-made photographers for which he has won awards. He is ready to sell them for an amount of Rs. 5,000/= to Rs. 20,000/= each. His photo (Photo5 above) displays love to divinity and nature grow in    

 Sh. Mohan Kumar also told that he is a professionl photographer. His photo (Photo 1) shows the life of old woman who is like an old tree. 
Photographer Mohan Prasad
Photographer Anil Kr. Singh (Won 2nd prize)Sh. Mohan Kumar also told that he is a professionl photographer

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