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Monday, 18 August 2014

'Natmethia' - a review of drama

'Natmethia' - a big jolt to the caste-ridden society
{Review of play presented at Kalidas Rangalay, Patna on 14.08.2014}

       Life of a common man is just is just like that of a bird who flies from place-to-place just in search of food. He has to do odd works and has to live at alien lands living behind his beloved ones at home situated far away. Poverty stung with caste-differentiation deepens the misery of the main character and his group who belong to  barber community. Their family live in Bihar while they earn their livelihood by practicing a profession of eunuchs. They are highly skilled and often play part of female characters like Sita in Ramleela but they are not respected in the society. Even their wives have doubt whether they have really turned in their sex. Though the reality is that they are fully male and have just to act like eunuchs wearing the female dresses like ‘sarees’ and ‘cholees’.  An acerbic paradox is portrayed when a Mishra Ji is adorable while singing at religious occasions even after being a regular singer at the ‘kothas’ of prostitutes and  Bhikadi Thakur could not get such respect even though he shows the same duality. .Nevertheless an artist seeks solace only in his art. And the show must go on .... even in the face of dearest one's death at home..    

      The  drama was presented in a documentary style but it never lost its lustre during the whole show. No need to elaborate that  it was because of the superb degree of acting locked in sharp sequences. The narratives were mixed with enthralling dance, singing and music. The group dance of eunuchs proved that the artists were not merely actors but highly talented singers and dancers as well. Moreover there was a group of folk instrumentalists who extended their matching support. Moreover the purely classical background songs played full like “Nirbhay.. nirgun.....” added fragrance of spirituality to the atmosphere. I have no qualms to say that the presentation was divine ... really divine... so perfect that cannot be put in words. 

Art is worship

Worship is for any caste

Wife tells him not to act like female

Husband says this is just a profession

Husband says he is still and shall remain male in reality

Uproar on why a barber works like a priest

Mishra Ji and Bhikadi Thakur both enjoy singing classical songs

Bhikadi Thakur is a great singer

A great Thakur singer is offered to sing in the royal place

Artist of barber community act like eunuchs for livelihood

Add caption

"Tu kahan gela gori jawaniya me.."

Dance of eunuchs

A boy puts his forceful claim for the role of Hanuman in ramleela. He is posing like he can lift mountain as Hanuman.

Fight for getting role of Rama in Ramleela

Mother of an upper caste boy (Hanuman) is furious and has come with a 'jhaadu' to beat the low caste boy who played the part of Rama and expected that the upper caste boy (Hanuman) should touch his feet in Ramleela.

Mother of Hanuman says that to change the script so that Hanuman have not to touch the feet of Rama

Boys of upper caste makes fool of the lower cast of boy going to school

Art is worship

Art knows no differentiation

Notice the 'ghunghroo' in the feet even while this Thakur artist mourns the death of his wife

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